City and Colour


When I heard Dallas Green was going to be at the Ritz, I knew I had to get tickets immediately. Praying that work approved my time off.  (Which they did! YAY)

I was introduced to City and Colour several years ago, I was immediately hooked.

queue in fragile bird.



veggie cuban

I met up with Robbie, Michelle (his wife), and Lindsey out at The Bricks. We enjoyed some tasty food before the show. Robbie and I got The Cure; messy eggs, mozzarella, jalapeño aioli, toasted cuban bread, with roasted potatoes (he got bacon with his) . Michelle and Lindsey got The Veggie Cuban; avocado, tomato, picked red onion, pickles, mixed greens, swiss, honey mustard, pressed cuban bread. (Pictured above)

g r e y h o u n d s


Greyhounds music started the night with a very interesting performance. Space man was grooving all over the stage. Half way through the set Andrew Trube stopped and talked about a guy he met while smoking a cigarette outside of the Ritz and said he recognized him. haha He then yelled out a song request and Andrew dedicated it to him, the crowd loved them. 

c i t y a n d c o l o u r

Dallas Green, oh dear Dallas. I'm not sure what I was expecting from the City and Colour show, but it had me in tears by the end of it. It was one of the most memorable shows. Raw, Emotional, and everything more. I have chills thinking about that night. At one point everyone walked off stage, including him... and we all thought that was it. A few minutes later he came back and said "you guys thought I was done? NO, I just had to piss." He then delighted us with some acoustic melodies. Sending literal shivers down my spine. (see what I did there?) Northern Wind anyone? haha okay maybe I'm not funny. oh and the lights! ughhh!



Dallas green city and colour Eyleen Torres

"When that long night comes
We'll meet in the ever after
Please don't follow me
into the sun"