Empire Cinema & The Blonde Tongues

ugh I'm the worst at blogging, but I'm getting better I promise. You all continue to be a great motivation to push content out there. I love you guys for that. <3

A Sunday evening Amber and I decided to grab some sushi at Samurai Blue, and then we were going to get some drinks... so we did the obvious and headed down to The Bricks.


Yes, this is the same spot I went to before the City and Colour show. Sorry, not sorry. :P

t h e  b l o n d e  t o n g u e s


Amber follows The Blonde Tongues, and is a huge fan!! They've even retweeted her a few time. haha Luckily we got there in time to enjoy some of their songs. They're from Tampa which makes them a million times cooler!

I'm currently obsessed with their single SURE (Cick on the link to listen to it). 

here are their ig links:

e m p i r e  c i n e m a


An Indie Rock band also from Tampa!!
Funny enough I've known Andrew for a few years. His drumming skills have always blown me away, and somehow he keeps getting better and better. :D
10/10 recommend catching another one of their showsl

You can listen to their first single off their debut.

also link to their ig:


Andrew pellegrino