7Th Wonder of the World

At the age of 14 my parents decided to retire to Florida. Which meant I had to leave everything behind and move with them. I remember being so angry, and sad. Eventually I adjusted... I'll leave all that for another blog post. Anyways! The first thing people would always ask me after I told them I'm from Peru is: 


To which I would quietly say,


That changed when my mom decided to take me there for my birthday! We were there for a week, and trust me when I say it was a life changing experience. I'm pretty certain I cried when I got the top. I remember walking and seeing The Lost City of The Incas! It was surreal, and I'm 100% certain that no photos ever will do it justice. I recommend that everyone visits at least once in their lifetime. I'll be there this August for the second time. :) 

Here are some of my favorite shots. If you're interested in a print let me know. I'll be adding a link for some of the prints I have for sale soon.